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Kylie Freeman Vicky The 107 Minutes 34 [Updated-2022]

Governor-General The Honourable David Hurley has signed the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Order 2000 and the unclaimed consideration for compulsory acquisition of ASIC’s properties. The property to be acquired is worth $1,527,862 and the proceeds of sale are to be placed in the Consolidated Fund. In addition, ASIC has paid the unclaimed consideration of $8,600,000 to the Commonwealth of Australia. The property is acquired from ASIC as it has been vacant for a number of years. The property has undergone a number of construction works in the recent past, and has been subject to storm water and road overburden works. This has led to the condition of the property to be substantially impaired. It is not ASIC’s policy to inform persons as to whether ASIC has claims or interests in a property prior to acquisition. ASIC is committed to providing better services to the Australian public and businesses by streamlining the regulation of financial services, strengthening the enforcement of laws and regulations, improving ASIC’s effectiveness and customer service, and by making ASIC’s services available in a cost-effective way. These changes are made to benefit the public and to create greater opportunities for Australian businesses to compete in a global marketplace. ASIC has a strong reputation for its high-quality products, customer service and innovation. ASIC provides comprehensive information and support to its regulated communities, working with business and industry to deliver better services and outcomes for consumers and businesses. ASIC’s commitment to customer-centred and consumer-focused regulation means that a customer’s needs are central to all of ASIC’s work. ASIC’s high-quality financial services are recognised as being among the best in the world and in March 2011, the International Association of Securities Commissions (IASC) declared ASIC as ‘leading the way’ in the area of enhanced supervision. ASIC collects information about all major credit licence holders and includes it in its credit databases for the purposes of implementing the credit reporting regime and ensuring that the credit reporting system is effective. This information is collected from licence holders and other sources. ASIC does not hold contact information on individuals or businesses. However, ASIC has a world-class fraud detection capability and includes a broad range of information, including all licence holders’ names ac619d1d87

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